Finding the Right Match: How to Determine the Best School for Your Child – A Conversation with Liz Yee, Lowell School Director of Admissions

Liz Yee, Director of Admissions Lowell School

In this episode of the Suite Talk podcast, we sit down with Liz Yee, Director of Admissions for Lowell School in Washington, DC. The 51-year-old independent school is committed to creating a community of lifelong learners who value and respect each other.

Our chat with Liz is designed to help you and your family navigate the school admissions and selections process, whether you are considering independent, parochial, public and charter schools, or all the above.

Full-disclosure, my oldest son has attended Lowell for three years, and my youngest will start in the Fall. And no, I’m not getting a discount on tuition for featuring Liz and Lowell on the Suite Talk podcast.

Our goal is offer you and your family expert insights and practical guidance you can use to make the best possible choice for your child’s education. No matter if your child, grandchild, niece or nephew is in preschool, primary, middle, high or entering college, this episode will help inform your decision-making process.

Some of the topics we explore are:

  • The importance of understanding your family values as they relate to your child’s educational environment.
  • How the story of Stone Soup applies to financial aid (and many other facets of life).
  • Why you should always keep you options open and it never hurts to ask.

Be on the lookout for future conversations with Liz, exploring other aspects of the school admissions process. But for now, lean-in, lean back and enjoy!

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Suite Talk: Leading to Follow, A Lesson in Leading, Following, Life and Death


Acacia Bamberg Salatti

In this episode of Suite Talk, Acacia Bamberg Salatti shares how she learned that sometimes the best thing you can do is to let another shine.

“I was the supporting actor in a long running sitcom,” she says. “My job was to make the stars of the show look good and not mess up the plot.”

In the course of caring for her ailing parents, Acacia gains powerful insights about subduing ego, learning your strengths and weaknesses, and when leaders need to follow.

We recently sat down with Acacia to explore in greater depth the myriad issues raised in this piece. You can find the conversation, broken in two parts here and here.

We invite you to lean in, lean back and enjoy!

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Suite Talk: Interview with Acacia Bamberg Salatti, Part 1 – Family, Faith, Leading, Following Living and Dying

Acacia Bamberg Salatti

We recently sat down with Acacia Bamberg Salatti, the author of “A Leading Actor Learns to Love the Supporting Role,” for a deeper dive into the myriad issues explored in her piece.

In 2009, she was appointed by the White House to the Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in 2009, serving throughout the Obama Administration.

She served as the Director and her portfolio included engagement on minority health outreach and health disparities reduction strategies.

She holds a Masters in Divinity and a certificate in Black Church Studies from Candler School of Theology at Emory University. She is also a former Adjunct Professor of Religion at Columbia College, her alma mater.

We will hear more from Acacia in the future, but for now lean in, lean back and enjoy!