Consciously Curated: Starting Good, Parents are Parents, When is Lying Not Bad

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A Good Start
Brandon Wong

The Art of Manliness: The Importance of a Good Start

While motivation isn’t something entirely within our control, it’s influenced by a number of situational factors that are. From your environment and surroundings, to your diet and sleep habits, there are certain behaviors and settings that will make you more or less motivated to work on your goals. In light of that truth, we ought to tweak as many of the things within our control as possible, in order to create situations and environments that will best facilitate our progress.

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The Beauty of the Butterfly

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty,” #mayaangelou I’m in the middle of a writing project which is forcing me to think 🤔 deeply of the many bends of the river of my life, the high-water and low-water marks. No matter what, if I’ve experienced #success or suffered #failure having the willingness and ability to #change has been fundamental. I took this photo on a trip with @ashlib1 and #ThemPalmerBoys to visit with family. @thinkinggood4u was barely a notion at the time. Getting it to where is now has been a lot of #hardwork #patience #mental and #emotional fortitude. Even more will be required as we continue to grow. #fatherhood #father #parenting #fitfam #butterfly #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #motivation #inspiration #BeYourBetterSelf

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