Consciously Curated: Get Out of Your Cubicle, Connect and Play

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Here is a roundup of news and information from other sources across the web to help you keep thinking good:

National Geographic: Play Games to Change the World
“We saw it this summer with Pokémon Go, this international obsession that was completely frivolous and pointless. You’re running around capturing imaginary monsters on your smart phone in the real world. What that game was doing was overlaying a virtual experience—information—over real-world environments. That’s what we call augmented reality: the idea that we are going to be walking around the world in actual physical space but have extra information overlaid in that world, telling us more serious things. Not, hey, there’s an imaginary monster over there, but, hey, your friend is around the corner or this is the best way to walk across the street. We’ll look back in ten years as those things become more prevalent in everyday experiences and say, hey, this all started with a game.”

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Suite Talk: Building an Intergenerational Legacy, Part 2 of an Interview with Lance Watson, Jr.

Photo by Lindy Baker
Photo by Lindy Baker

On this episode of the Suite Talk we continue the conversation with Lance Watson, Jr., on building legacies that span generations, learning from our children and the importance of mentoring and being mentored.

A technology-enthusiast and social-media socialite, Lance is the founder of Heirborn, a non-profit focusing on cultivating what he calls the “three primary functions of leadership: teaming, technique and timing.”

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