Consciously Curated: Happy, Gifted, Bad and Sad

Consciously Curated is a roundup of news and information from other sources across the web to keep you thinking good:
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Huffington Post: Black and Blue

“There is an economic disadvantage for Blacks that is built into the fabric of American society. We don’t need to beat ourselves up in a desire to keep with “the Joneses”. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive for excellence in every realm, but it does mean that killing yourself to try to keep up with images that may or may not be real will only lead to a life of frustration.”

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Suite Talk: Week in Review and 2017 Sneak Peak

Photo by Jason Rosewell

On this episode of Suite Talk, we try something new. While going live on Facebook, we also recorded the audio for this podcast. Listen and you’ll hear a recap of the previous week, a preview of the week ahead and tease some of what Thinking Good has planned for 2017.

Lean in, Lean back and enjoy!

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