A Leading Actor Learns to Love the Supporting Role


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I have been thinking about Mary and Martha lately.

You know the story: Martha is the sister who “complained to Jesus” and Mary is the sister who choose the better part, as Jesus explains. I have always hated that pericope. I guess because in my mind, Martha was the responsible oldest sister. She was the one accountable for getting the house ready for Jesus.

Can you imagine the preparations?!

The cleaning, the cooking, the landscaping, the washing…all the things needed for a guest to feel comfortable in one’s home. As an oldest daughter, I totally identified with Martha and totally understood why she asked Jesus–in sheer frustration–to get Mary to help her with the work, instead of entertaining Jesus. And for the longest time, I felt that Jesus was wrong to chide Martha. Couldn’t He see how she was trying to show her love for Him? I thought, it’s easy for people to hang out all day but when dinnertime comes and there’s nothing to eat and you’re sleeping on dirty sheets, I bet you’d appreciate Martha then…

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Instagram & Snap Chat: Not Your Dad’s Facebook

Photo by William Iven
Photo by William Iven

Listen to our conversation with Lance Watson, Jr., as we focus on the changing social media landscape and ways interpersonal relationships are affected.

This episode is a must hear for any parent, thought leader or communicator who wants to stay current and relevant with the latest trends in how people receive and consume information.

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Suite Talk: Legacy, Leadership & Generations – Part 1 of an Interview with Lance Watson, Jr.

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On this episode of the Suite Talk we feature a longer and more probing conversation with Lance Watson, Jr., who is on staff with The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church of Richmond, VA.

Charged with leading digital initiatives for this vibrant community of over 10,000 worshippers, Lance stands at the intersection of technology, communications and spirituality.

In this portion of the conversation, we parse the differences between succession planning and legacy building; the spiritual dimension of strategic planning and the benefits of intergenerational dialogue.

We’ve heard from Lance before and we’ll hear more again soon, but for now: Lean in, lean back and enjoy!

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