Pieces Of Me: A (Selected) Autobiography of John Jioni Palmer

Photo by Carson Arias on Unsplash

I was five or six and recall being in a laundromat, but mom believes it was at a grocery store. The alleged transgression is forgotten by us both, but each remembers her towering over me index finger wagging demanding, “Who do you think you are?” I replied, “John Jioni Palmer.”

Four decades later I am still that boy, but also much more. I am a son, husband, father and eldest grandchild; storyteller, chef, leader and coach—to name a few. Each day I breathe, I endeavor to be my best at who I am, while also nurturing the desire to explore and develop new ways of being and doing.

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Consciously Curated: How to … Be a creep, despot or troll

Photo by Collin ArmstrongCourtesy of Unsplash

Here is a roundup of news and information from other sources across the web to help you keep thinking good:

The Expressive Egg: How To Be Creepy
Stare. Nothing says ‘creepy’ so much as a dry, fixed, glittering, inflexible eyeball. Set your face into a single expression, or one of a limited range, for long enough and the lines of your face will radiate the unsettling, the uncanny and the existentially repellent. ‘The inexpressive face is the mirror of a shallow soul.’ The cruder, less expressive, less nuanced the muscles of your face (particularly around the eyes), the more your face will take on the look of that creepiest of objects, the mask.”

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