Branding Is Everything – What Your Social Media Says About You

Here’s a excerpt from my panel discussion on branding and social media during the second annual Columbia Career Connect conference. Thinking Good is a proud sponsor of the third annual C3 conference, which will take place on Saturday, April 14, 2018 in Columbia, South Carolina. Check out this Suite Talk podcast to learn more about the conference and its organizer Khali Gallman.

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Don’t Rush the Process – Hamilton Grant on Learning from Your Mistakes, Honoring Your Ancestors and Killing Evil with Kindness

Hamilton Grant, Vice President of the Hate Won’t Win Movement – Photo Courtesy of Hamilton Grant

In this episode, we speak with Hamilton Grant, a talented entrepreneur, civic leader and activist hailing from Columbia, South Carolina. He is also the co-host of Columbia Career Connect, a professional development and networking conference geared toward college students and young professionals. The event, in its second year, will take place on Saturday, April 8th, and yours truly will be a speaking about developing your personal brand. Click here to learn more about the conference.

Additionally, Hamilton is a principal in Grant Business Strategies, a financial and strategic advisory firm for non-profits, small business and middle market companies. He is also the Vice President of the “Hate Won’t Win Movement,” which grew out of the aftermath of the racially motived massacre that took place at “Mother” Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17th, 2015. This organization is committed to building a more culturally cohesive society that appreciates and celebrates differences instead of allowing them to divide us.

We’ll hear more from Hamilton, but for now, lean-in, lean back and enjoy!

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Good on Paper, Great in Person – An Interview with Entrepreneur & Author Khali Gallman

In this episode of Suite Talk, we bring you a conversation with Khali Gallman, an entrepreneur who is making interesting plays in several spaces. She is the founder of the travel company Not Just Spring Break, which connects young urban professionals with events across the nation. She is also the author of “Good on Paper, Great in Person” a comprehensive and actionable guide for those new to the workforce.

Khali has created a successful niche providing a range of services to millennials, including the Columbia Career Connect conference, which will be taking place this year on Saturday, April 8th in Columbia, South Carolina. Yours truly, will be a panelist during that conference talking about developing your personal brand. Click here to register.

Lean in, lean back and enjoy!

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