Suite Talk Video: CEO Sam Barcroft of Barcroft Media on how to inspire your team

Here’s an excerpt of our  conversation with Sam Barcroft, Founder & CEO of Barcroft Media. In this segment Sam shares with us how he inspires his team of more than 70 employees on three continents to a achieve his vision of telling “amazing stories.”

To listen to the full interview with Sam, which covers business development, entrepreneurship, the creative process and much more, click here.

Lean in, lean back and enjoy!

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Suite Talk: Mayor Steve Benjamin on Life’s Biggest Stage, Part 1

We recently sat down with Mayor Steve Benjamin of Columbia, South Carolina for a fun and enlightening conversation. Among the takeaways are:

  • Dads should kiss their kids more
  • It is okay to be different, even when 20 million pairs of eyes are watching
  • Micah 6:8
  • The importance of knowing what you don’t know

We’ve broken this interview in two part. The second half of our conversation with Mayor Benjamin will be posted in a few days.

So, until then lean in, lean back and enjoy!

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