Suite Talk: Interview with Wilson Lea 4 Wise Wealth Tips for Your Wallet, Part 1

Photo by Vitaly

In this episode of the Suite Talk podcast we take a deep, but accessible, dive with Wilson Lea of Parallax Advisor and explore his article 4 Wise Wealth Tips for Your Wallet.

Brought to you in several parts (look for a new installment every Wednesday in January & early February) we break the conversation in to bite size chunks to help you focus on the key elements of getting your finances in order and setting you on a path to wealth accumulation.

Here we introduce the topic in a way that demystifies wealth and money management before methodically dissecting each of Wilson’s 4 Wise Wealth Tips for Your Wallet: Save for Retirement; Pay Down Your Debt; Budget and Build Up Your Liquid Savings.

Join the conversation by letting us know what are your topic financial goals.

Be on the lookout for subsequent parts of our conversation with Wilson each Wednesday for the next few weeks, and chats on other wealth related topics in the months beyond. But for now, lean in, lean back and enjoy!

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