Suite Talk: Step in to the New Year with Purpose

In this Suite Talk podcast, we hear a timeless New Years Eve talk with Spiritual Coach Rev. Dr. Jay Speights starting every new year and day with focus and intention.
Enter the New Year and every day with focus and intention

In this 2006 New Years Eve talk, spiritual coach Rev. Dr. Jay Speights shares some timeless tips that are inspiring and actionable to help us enter the New Year and every day with focus and intention.

You many recall Dr. Speights was our first guest on Suite Talk and at that time he talked about being the conductor of your own symphony. You can find that episode here.

We will have Dr. Speights in the studio again soon to ask him to elaborate on this lecture to learn additional insights on how we can be more present and effective in our daily lives.

But for now lean in, lean back and enjoy!

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