Consciously Curated: Futuristic Chattel, Tackle Without Pads, Ditch Tablets and Eliminate Isolation

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Esquire: Why ‘Get Out’ Is the Best Movie Ever Made About American Slavery
In Peele’s hands, I found my eyes looking at Chris’s floating body and thinking about stolen Africans who were experimented upon (or thrown overboard), Henrietta Lacks’ stolen HeLa cells, Emmett Till’s little 14-year-old lynched body, music and sports stars being extracted from Black neighborhoods for white profit, the government not treating syphilis in hundreds of Black men in Tuskegee to study them—and, back to Chris, about to be lobotomized.

NYT: Rugby’s More Perfect Union
To adapt a question asked by the great Caribbean historian C. L. R. James, who was writing about cricket, what do they know of rugby who only rugby know? Most important, American rugby is participatory. Most of its fans play it, or did before their knees gave out. And it is not, for the most part, an occupation that pays. It is something you live for, training on a wet Wednesday for a game on the weekend. And a drink afterward. On field and off, American rugby is built on team spirit.

The Conversation: Kids Perfer Books
In a study of children in Year 4 and 6, those who had regular access to devices with eReading capability (such as Kindles, iPads and mobile phones) did not tend to use their devices for reading – and this was the case even when they were daily book readers. Research also found that the more devices a child had access to, the less they read in general.

Harvard Gazette: Inequality vs. Sustainability
 These things are all corrosive to the social structure, and that is deeply, in and of itself, part of a sustainable community,” Sampson said. “One example I use in the study is the country of Colombia. The war there has gone on for decades, and was so severe that it undermined the ecological stability of the entire country because the government was unable to take action on sustainability. If you think about the bandwidth of a society or of a neighborhood, these fundamental ruptures in the social structure — violence, fear, withdrawal, isolation — they matter to sustainability.

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