Consciously Curated: Down Low in the Country, Meeting Hell, Shoot ‘Em Up


Photo by Sofia Sforza

Here is a roundup of news and information from other sources across the web to help you keep thinking good:

NY Magazine: A Country Low Down

“If you, a straight guy from the country, once in a while have sex with other straight guys from the country, it doesn’t threaten your straight, rural identity as much as it would if instead you, for example, traveled to the nearest major metro area and tried to pick up dudes at a gay bar. You’re not the sort of man who would go to a gay bar — you’re not gay!”

Wall Street Journal: Boring Meetings Be Gone

“Participants tend to feel less accountable in crowded meetings. They doubt that any contribution they make will be rewarded, resulting in a reduction of effort. Researchers call this social loafing. Victims of meeting bloat are also more likely to blame others for problems rather working on solutions, says Andrew Carton, assistant professor of management at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.”

The Atlantic: Are Toy Guns that Bad?

“Although many of us in America worry that gun play desensitizes kids to violence, the research doesn’t bear this out. In fact, it can actually help teach children to read each other’s facial cues and body language, figure out their place in a group, and learn how to adjust their behavior in social settings. Play helps children learn how to signal each other: this is fantasy.”

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