Consciously Curated: Ghosting, Star Wars, Finding Love, Trump’s Original Smackdown


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New York Post: How to Ghost for Real

“After all this time,” Norihiro says, “I could certainly take back my old identity . . . But I don’t want my family to see me in this state. Look at me. I look like nothing. I am nothing. If I die tomorrow, I don’t want anyone to be able to recognize me.”

Entertainment Weekly: A Parent’s Guide to Rouge One

Last year, I described The Force Awakens as the darkest Star Wars film yet, and I still think that was true at the time. The themes of abandonment, brutality, and death were much more intense in J.J. Abrams’ film than previous installments. But after seeing Rogue One, that title of “darkest Star Wars movie” has been usurped. This is the more “grown-up” movie that longtime Star Wars fans have been wanting – so we shouldn’t be shocked that it may not be ideal for the very youngest fans.

New York Time: 9 Tips on Modern Love and Relationships

An offer of an innocent-sounding foot massage could lead, as Julia Anne Miller discovered, to him asking for permission to suck your toes. Then again, if you believe, as Julia did, in nurturing people’s dreams, no matter how small or odd, saying yes is also an option.

Slate: The Real Million Dollar Man

When Donald and Vince Jr. took over their family businesses, they moved beyond their parochial origins (Trump set his sights on Manhattan, while Vince Jr. outmaneuvered competitors across the country) to turn their companies into national powerhouses and make their brands iconic: Donald Trump became a symbol of ’80s wealth, while McMahon’s greatest creation, Hulk Hogan, became a symbol of Reagan-era pop culture.

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