Consciously Curated: Rollin’ with the Homies, No Politics or Illin’, but lots of Mental Drillin’

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Here is a roundup of news and information from other sources across the web to help you keep thinking good:

Mocha Dad: Road Tripping with the Fellas
“No guys getaway is complete without some good eats. During our trips, my sons like to try different dining experiences that may not be available where we live. One of our favorite dining experiences was at a Japanese restaurant where my sons tried sushi for the first time. I was afraid that they wouldn’t like it, but they scarfed down every morsel.”

NYT: Be Happy, Ignore Politics
“Pay less attention to politics as entertainment. Read the news once a day, as opposed to hitting your Twitter feed 50 times a day like a chimp in a 1950s experiment on the self-administration of cocaine. Will you get the very latest goings on in Washington in real time? No. Will that make you a more boring person? No. Trust me here — you will be less boring to others. But more important, you will become happier.”

Rolling Out: No Time to be Sick
“It is very important to stay on top of your health. Preventive care blesses us in the long run. Make sure that you are getting yearly physicals, staying hydrated, eating a healthy diet and taking supplements. You cannot be a boss if you are not here.”

AEON: So, You’re a Philosopher?
“Turning to a more philosophical example, we often speak of ‘doing the right thing’. Sometimes, there is exactly one such action. However, there can be different senses of ‘right’– for example, what is rational, and what is moral. And even fixing on one of those senses, there might be more than one candidate for the right thing to do: multiple actions that are equally good. Or there might not be any such candidate. Think of moral dilemmas, such as the unspeakable one depicted in William Styron’s novel Sophie’s Choice (1979), or Jean-Paul Sartre’s one of a student who is torn between avenging the death of his brother in the Second World War, and looking after his mother.”

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