Consciously Curated: Pokemon, Paternity Leave and Finding Your Roots

Photo by William Stitt
Photo by William Stitt

Here is a roundup of news and information from other sources across the web to help you keep thinking good:

Founders and Funders: How Pokemon Go Started

“People engage with Pokemons more than with Facebook. That makes it an anomaly, and, possibly, the next big thing. And this growth is only based on 8 countries where the app launched so far. How can anything grow this fast?”

People: Staying Present During My Paternity Leave

“Paternity leave has also given me the chance to reflect on priorities. Like many of you, one of life’s greatest challenges for me has become unplugging from the noise that consumes so much of our lives. Resisting the urge to check a timeline, news feed, clever tweet or email even while on paternity leave has been difficult, but I’ve actually been proud of my ability to stay present. Not every day or all day, but certainly better than when I’m on the clock.”

Thinking Good: Legacy and Leadership

“In this portion of the conversation, we parse the differences between succession planning and legacy building; the spiritual dimension of strategic planning and the benefits of intergenerational dialogue.”

Wired: The World’s Best Libraries

“[A] good library is more than a repository for books—it’s a community resource. It may also explain the recent spate of high-design libraries (and bookstores) popping up around the globe. Many of them function not just as singular temples to the written word, but community centers, auditoria, concert halls, and public gardens. All of them are works of art in themselves.”

The Art of Manliness: Why Every Man Should Do His Genealogy

“In getting to know your genealogy, you come to see yourself as part of a much bigger story – one that didn’t start with you, and won’t end with you either. One in which you’re playing a role in shaping the future narrative. It’s not surprising then, that research suggests that when we have intimate knowledge of our family history, we feel more grounded and self-confident compared to individuals who don’t.”

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