Consciously Curated: Kanye; Cars 3; Abuela’s Pumpkin Flan; Don’t Be Idle in Traffic

Photo by Emil Jarfelt
Photo by Emil Jarfelt

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Thinking Good: Kayne West and The Birth of a Creation

“As with gumbo, or any dish meant to simmer, at some point the mélange of ingredients become something different, but not necessarily a new creation. This takes time. The longer the items – celery, carrots and onions, or thoughts, creative and critical—are able to sit with each other the fuller the flavor develops. Time and mindful cultivation enriches adds depth and texture.”

Official Cars 3 Trailer (Quick get the kids):

New York Times: Thanksgiving, A Global Feast

“Americans all come from somewhere. Their families may have roamed the continent for thousands of years before the Mayflower dropped anchor. They may have been on the ship. They may have come on later ones, freely or in chains. They may have come by truck, train or airplane. They came. And their journeys are reflected in the food they or their descendants eat. The Times asked 15 families from across the country to show us the holiday dishes they make that speak most eloquently about their heritage and traditions. The stories of these home cooks help tell the story of the nation, the story of who we are.”

Photo by Katie Smith
Photo by Katie Smith

Fatherly: Surviving The Family Road Trip

“In a weird way, traffic is together-as-a-family time,” he says. So share in the experience of listening to family-friendly podcasts, play games of “I Spy”, or even — gasp — enjoy some old-fashioned conversation. Pew Research found nearly half of American dads want to spend more time with their kids. So, take it where you can get it. Stuck behind a 75-foot R.V.

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