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NYT: Creativity on a Schedule

I once heard a story about a guy who wanted to write a book. But he was too overwhelmed by the enormity of the process, so for a decade, he didn’t do it. One day, he decided to create a 5,000-word monthly magazine and offer a two-year subscription to everyone he knew. A bunch of people signed up, and all of a sudden, he had to do it. At the end of two years, he had 120,000 words to work with to create this book.

The Atlantic: How We Get Tall

Your childhood environment can give you (or take away) three or four inches. A lack of nutrient-rich food and clean water explains why stunting is prevalent among children in developing countries. Studies of North Koreans found that those born after the country was divided in two were about two inches shorter than their counterparts in the South.

When Barry Bogin, an anthropologist at Temple University, measured the heights of children from the Maya ethnic group, he found that Maya refugee children growing up in the United States were about four inches taller than Maya children who were still living in their native Guatemala. He chalked up the difference to America’s superior nutrition and healthcare.

Thinking Good: May You Have the Opportunity to Fail

In that moment of despair my mettle and creativity were tested. Had I given up completely, a loss was inevitable.

Foundr:  When Your Family and Friends Don’t Get What You Do

Dealing with critics as an entrepreneur is never easy, but when those critics are your very own friends and family, it can sting like nothing else. It’s important to address this issue early on if you want to set yourself up for a healthy business and personal life. So what should you do if your loved ones don’t understand your entrepreneurial lifestyle?

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