Consciously Curated: Being Lucky, Building a Brand, Following Your Soul and Eating a Burger

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Here is a roundup of news and information from other sources across the web to help you keep thinking good:

The Atlantic: You’re Lucky More Than You Think
“My having cheated death does not make me an authority on luck. But it has motivated me to learn much more about the subject than I otherwise would have. In the process, I have discovered that chance plays a far larger role in life outcomes than most people realize. And yet, the luckiest among us appear especially unlikely to appreciate our good fortune.”

The New York Times: Stop and Acknowledge How Much Luck Has to Do With Your Success
“From Warren E. Buffett, who says he won the “Ovarian Lottery,” to the venture capitalist Fred Wilson, a lot of smart, industrious and hard-working people admit that luck played a role. Mr. Wilson writes that he wouldn’t suggest anyone take his career path: “It won’t work unless you get incredibly lucky.”

Inc: What’s Your Band?
“Personal branding is the difference between your brand being perceived as no frills or your brand being perceived as the real deal. A strong personal brand is what differentiates you from your competition and with such branding, small businesses can beat larger businesses.”

The New York Times: The Greatest Love of All
“Over time, Muhammad’s deep, evolving devotion to God, whom as a Muslim he called Allah, came to be rooted in his love of all people. Boxing had taken him around the world and it opened his eyes to the beauty in diversity.”

The New York Times: Open Your Ears and Your Soul Will Follow
“He wasn’t doing his music for the money. He was trying to tell the world how he felt and what he thinks.”

The New Yorker: I’d Gladly Pay Tuesday for a Hamburger Today
“Do it for your country. Do it for America [McDonald’s must aspire to be] the place where Americans come together to break bread.”

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