Consciously Curated: Big Dreams, Pooh, Bullies and Serving Your Country

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A custom black notepad with ideas and fantasy photo
A custom black notepad with ideas and fantasy photo by Elijah O’Donell on Unsplash

Shondaland: Big dreams one line at a time

“The Magic Realism Bot offers its followers the opportunity to follow in these great writers’ footsteps by tweeting out three to six story ideas a day that encourage you to take a break and stretch your imagination. With its strange and thought-provoking prompts, it provides the ultimate daydream fodder for bookworms, fantasists, and writers alike — one tweet at a time.”

Washington Post: Parenting lessons from Pooh

“Spend the time on your children when you have the chance, when the time is there. You can offer so much to them and they to you. Do it before you look up and they’re off to college.”

Mashable: Don’t bully that burger 

“If that sounds strange, just stick with us for a second. In the three-minute video, hidden cameras capture people’s reactions to boys bullying a high school student. Everyone involved is an actor, but the customers don’t know that. There are pained glances and raised eyebrows, but not too many bystanders willing to intervene.”

Thinking Good: My deployment to the military’s mortuary

“Upon learning that I would serve my six-month deployment at the military’s sole mortuary command in the United States, I couldn’t help but feel like I was not only deploying far behind friendly lines, but that I would be doing peculiar work in an environment in which every day I would be surrounded by American losses. I secretly felt like I was being assigned to the losing team. I now am deeply ashamed of that notion.”

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