Conduct Your Own Symphony

Photo by Radek Grzybowski
Photo by Radek Grzybowski

On the inaugural Suite Talk podcast we are joined by Dr. Jay Speights, Vice President of the New Seminary. Dr. Speights gives us some practical insights on how to begin each day with purpose and focus, with an eye to setting the tone, tenor and tempo. We will hear from Dr. Speights in the near future. In the meantime, lean-in, lean-back and enjoy!

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Mountain Meditations


Photo By Cameron Kirby
Photo By Cameron Kirby

September 2003, I was in the midst of 20-day backpacking trip traversing the John Muir Trail, which follows the crest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney. In the months leading up to this trek I prepared physically and mentally. Although, I had some experience camping and completed many day hikes but never before had I been in a situation where all life sustaining material would be carried in a 40-pound backpack so far away from civilization.

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Killing Him Will Kill Her


Photo by Matthew Wiebe

I planned to ride the metro. But the bus came along first.

Settling into my seat, the quiet of the morning commute was interrupted when from the back a twenty-something-year-old man bellowed, “Your ass better be going to [expletive] school,” to a younger acquaintance.

As a veteran bus rider, I knew this could go a number of ways. This one ended up in a friendly embrace.

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Get Your Savings in Shape with a few Simple Moves

Photo By William Iven

Maybe you went to college, maybe you didn’t, but you still have a decent job with decent pay.

You have a car, nothing fancy, but it gets you around. Your place is cozy. Keeps you warm in December and cool in July. Your life is pretty good, but you still can’t manage to keep a little extra in the bank, so you survive from one paycheck to the next.

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Playtime isn’t Only for Kids, Creativity still Blooms in Adult Life

“Once I finish painting, it clears my mind and it gets rid of the cobwebs.”

A painting by the artist Chad Cortez Everett is taking shape.

Against a mash-up of gold and bronze hues an ebony hand holds a cross aloft. It doubles as a puppeteer’s control bar and manipulates a man’s torso that’s affixed to a tabletop. Nearby is a thick stack of C-notes, a cherry pie with a slice removed, and a trophy cup. Floating in the midst of these images is a curled banner that reads: “The American Dream.”

“My art is mainly a story about myself and what I’m feeling,” Everett said. “It’s very narrative.”

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